Deh Blindeh Hint or "The Blind Dog"

Episode 13 January 11, 2022 00:12:59
Deh Blindeh Hint or "The Blind Dog"
Kish Mir in Yiddish
Deh Blindeh Hint or "The Blind Dog"

Show Notes

When times are bad, and you can't even pay attention,
think of our friend C'hamel. Hasn't had the best of luck growing up, or staying alive.

Finally gets a dog, and that's a challenge, given he can't see or hear,
and has a limp. Not to mention he has no teeth.

And if the dog is in bad shape, wait until you hear about the car.

But if things end well, that's the most important.

Sit back, enjoy and Geb ah Laac'h! (Give a laugh!)

T'zin Geh-zint! (to one's health)!

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